Invest In Savan Park

Savan Park Presentation


Advantages of Investing in Savan-SENO Special Economic Zone

    • Integrated to regional and international arena:
        1. Member of World Trade Organization (WTO)
        2. Member of international organization.
        3. General Special Preferences (GSP) Privileges with 42 countries.
        4. Normal Trade Relations (NTR) with USA (04/02/2005)
        5. Bilateral Investment Treaties with 27 countries.
    • Competitive Advantages:
        1. One of the most Politically Stable Country in the Region
        2. Socio- Economic and Financial Stability
        3. High Security ( Low Crime Rate)
        4. Low Labor costs compared to neighboring countries
        5. Virtually no damaging natural disaster


Advantages of Investing in “Savan Park”

    • Govern by Prime Minister’s Decree 177- On management Regulations and Incentive Policies.
    • One Stop Service policy, it assists investor on processing of investment license, registration of business enterprise, import & export licenses, works permit and others application if required.
    • Foreign investors are allowed to wholly own in all type of approved investments.
    • Exemption customs duties and VAT on Import raw materials, Construction Materials and Equipment to be used for Processing
    • Enjoy various tax incentives including long term tax holidays (max 10 years) and lower rate of corporate profit tax (max 10%) and personal income tax (5%).
    • Stable and continuous supply of general amenities including electricity, water, internet system and contemporary WIFI system.
    • Available Completed infrastructure & General amenities industrial lots.
    • Installed with 115kV/22kV sub-station ensure stable and quality power supply.